Tesla job listings for Canada hint at plans to ramp sales and delivery locations

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Tesla recently posted job openings for several positions in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Manitoba and Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. The job listings were posted not long after the EV automaker changed its strategies in the country by halting its home delivery options.

The job postings for sales advisors for Saskatoon, Manitoba, and Halifax suggest that Tesla plans to expand its reach in Canada by building more sales and delivery centers in the country.

Earlier this month, Drive Tesla Canada reported that Tesla changed its Carrier Direct policy, effectively ending home deliveries. One of the website’s readers confirmed the news with an email from Tesla. “Tesla Canada has changed its carrier direct program and policy. If you reside outside a province in which we are physically located for sales, you would have to come to the service center physically to pick up the vehicle,” wrote Tesla in the email.

After the change in policy, Tesla customers were advised to pick up their vehicles from a service center in either Ontario or Quebec. They also had the option to arrange vehicle deliveries from Ontario to Ottawa, Lawrence, Vaughan, or Oakville on their own.

Quite unsurprisingly, the changes to Tesla’s Carrier Direct policy were met with some disappointment from the EV community. After all, direct-to-home vehicle deliveries among the most convenient aspects of the Tesla experience, especially amidst the pandemic.

Tesla’s recent job postings may be a clue to Tesla’s future plans in Canada. The company may have stopped its home deliveries, but it is not stopping the expansion of its building sales and delivery network in the country.

The electric car maker’s ramp of its physical locations in Canada follows the company’s strategies in other countries such as China. In November 2019, Reuters discussed Tesla’s plans to build a Tesla Center that would provide both delivery and maintenance services to customers. The EV automaker seems to be building these centers in various countries for the past months, starting with a sales and service center in China.

In August 2020, Tesla built a sales and service center in Northern Ireland to cater to existing customers and potential customers as well. According to The Irish News, the Tesla Service Plus site covers 9,500 sq. ft. and handles services, delivery, and sales.

Tesla followed the same playbook in Germany. The all-electric car make opened its largest sales and service center in Germany earlier this month. It is located in Hamburg.

The centers Tesla plans to open in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Manitoba and Halifax, Nova Scotia may follow a similar model to the ones in China, Ireland, and Germany. Tesla’s new concept for its centers should make buying, and perhaps even maintaining a vehicle, more convenient for new and old customers alike.

Tesla job listings for Canada hint at plans to ramp sales and delivery locations
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