Tesla adds a new CCS adapter to store for US customers

Tesla announces pricing for CCS retrofit with adapter for older vehicles

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has announced the pricing of the CCS retrofit with an adapter that is needed for older vehicles to utilize charging stations that are not a part of the Supercharger network.

Tesla said on its website that the CCS Combo 1 Adapter Retrofit with Adapter will cost $450 and will only be available for Model S and Model X vehicles.

Tesla said that Model 3 and Model Y vehicles requiring a retrofit will be able to receive one “in mid-2023.” It was initially spotted by TeslaNorth.

tesla ccs adapter retrofit

Credit: Tesla

Tesla owners who are not sure if their vehicle will need a retrofit can sign into their Tesla account and check the compatibility. Tesla Service will perform the retrofitting when needed

In late 2021, Tesla launched the CCS adapter in Korea and only hinted that the adapter will be available in North America “soon,” and eventually, it was launched.

In September 2022, Tesla finally added the CCS adapter to its shop for North American customers, but it was not compatible with all vehicles as some older cars needed a retrofit for the adapter to enable charging at non-Supercharger sites.

Tesla owners have access to the most widespread and robust charging infrastructure in the world, but as the company plans to open some of its Superchargers to non-Tesla EVs, owners will look to utilize other charging options to decrease congestion.

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Tesla announces pricing for CCS retrofit with adapter for older vehicles
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