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Tesla CEO Musk to speak with Mexico Pres., and it could be good or bad

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is set to speak to Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador on Monday morning, but the news surrounding the conversation could be good or bad.

Tesla has been rumored to be extremely geared toward building a new production facility in Mexico, but the company has yet to land on an exact location for the plant.

Instead of settling on a location, Tesla has mulled between Nuevo Leon and Mexico City. With more worries settling in surrounding the former location’s ability to support the automaker’s infrastructure needs, the plant could land elsewhere.

For months, it has become more apparent that Tesla will end up in Mexico, which is interesting considering Canada was the undisputed frontrunner for the facility last year. Mexico has simply put itself in a position to be more accommodating to Tesla, especially from a geographical standpoint.

With Tesla’s newest Gigafactory and company headquarters being located in Austin, Texas, it is no surprise that Mexico took over the lead as the automaker’s next location for a production facility. Even still, the company has options, and Tesla could be experiencing some PTSD with worries regarding water availability, as it faced similar issues in Germany when constructing Gigafactory Berlin.

Just last week, President Lopez Obrador said that he would not grant permits to Tesla in Nuevo Leon if conditions were not suitable. If Tesla ultimately has its heart set on the location due to its location and closeness to Texas, we could see the deal ultimately wither away, as it could be a deal-breaker.

There are too many advantages for Tesla in Nuevo Leon. Location, which has been discussed, is the biggest, but the automaker already has a somewhat strong relationship with the region after Tesla was awarded a dedicated lane on the U.S.-Mexico Border, which was given as a “simple incentive” as the region is “turning into an electro-mobility hub,” according to Ivan Rivas, Economy Minister of Nuevo Leon.

Tesla could announce the location of the Mexico factory as soon as Wednesday at the company’s Investor Day. The good news is that the call between President Lopez Obrador and Musk could have been a solidification that the region is ultimately a good fit for the company.

The first step in Nuevo Leon becoming an electro-mobility hub is to have adequate infrastructure to support not only Tesla, which delivers more pure EVs than any company on Earth but other companies that could see advantages in building there.

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Tesla CEO Musk to speak with Mexico Pres., and it could be good or bad
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