Tesla to sells chargers to UK station operator for ‘open network’

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Tesla signed a deal with the EG Group so it could grow its electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the United Kingdom and across Europe, called evpoint. Based on the deal’s parameters, EG Group plans to buy Tesla’s latest ultra-fast EV charging units to expand evpoint. 

“The rapid installation of reliable, easy-to-use EV charging infrastructure is the right step towards a sustainable future and a key area of focus for us at Tesla. For this reason, we’re excited to make our fast-charging hardware available for purchase to EG Group and other leaders in the space,” said Tesla’s Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure Rebecca Tinucci. 

EG currently has more than 600 EV chargers deployed across its charging network. The company hopes its deal with Tesla will help the evpoint charging network expand to over 20,000 EV chargers. EG expects to install the first Tesla charger at an evpoint station by the end of 2024. Evpoint is open to all EV brands. 

“Securing this best-in-class equipment from Tesla marks another milestone for evpoint and is hugely exciting for us. It is the first deal of its kind entered into by Tesla with a third-party charge point operator in Europe and will transform how our customers charge their vehicles and how they interact with EG. Since installing our first EV charger back in 2012, we have continued to invest in the technology. This deal will accelerate the delivery of vital charging infrastructure for motorists to help power the transition to Net Zero,” noted EG Group’s Founder and co-CEO Zuber Issa.

Tesla has made similar deals to other companies in the past. For instance, BP Pulse orders $100 million worth of Tesla chargers for the United States. BP’s Tesla chargers will roll out in an independent network. In October, Ford announced that it would add more than 15,000 Tesla Superchargers to its EV charging network called the BlueOval Charge Network.

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Tesla to sells chargers to UK station operator for ‘open network’
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