Tesla owners tap into smart chargers for Ludicrously Green charging

Electric vehicle charging technology has seen minimal advancements throughout the short but storied history of the plug-in and battery-electric vehicle industry. As auto manufacturers continue to supply charging equipment to meet only the most basic needs of their customers, a growing third-party industry has continued to push the envelope toward smarter and more efficient charging equipment.

With the JuiceBox home charger, Enel X is leading the way here, providing Tesla owners with a smarter, WiFi-connected charging option. Packing 48 amps of power, the JuiceBox 48 is capable of considerably faster charging speeds than other conventional home chargers. This potent device can also monitor, manage, and control charging for your Model S/X and Model 3/Y through voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

One of the most compelling features of JuiceBox is its popular JuiceNet Green software, which allows Tesla drivers to charge their cars with the cleanest energy on the grid. By communicating in real-time with local power sources, JuiceNet Green automatically modifies drivers’ EV charging to times when solar and wind power are at maximum production and fossil-fuel power sources are at a minimum.

This innovative feature is especially rewarding for Tesla owners who want not just to kiss gas goodbye, but also to take part in reducing their entire transportation carbon footprint.

JuiceNet Green’s software charges your EV at times when the most sustainable energy is powering the grid. (Credit: Enel X)

When enabled, JuiceNet Green helps Tesla drivers ensure they’re charging when the most solar, wind, or hydro is available locally. And if a charging session needs to be completed sooner than JuiceNet Green has scheduled, drivers can simply override their optimized charging period and charge as normal.   

In tandem, JuiceBox also has a handy smartphone application that allows drivers to control and track the progress of their vehicle charging, and to schedule their charging at times when local electricity rates are low — making a Tesla even cheaper to drive.

For many, the goal of driving an EV is to be sustainable and help accelerate the adoption of clean transportation worldwide. With JuiceBox, Enel X is helping ensure this, providing solutions that simultaneously take in mind how our vehicles get their electricity — and saving drivers money on their utility bill, too. In some areas, JuiceBox is even eligible for local utility rebates.

To charge your EV in the cleanest way possible, the JuiceBox 48 is the ideal option. Learn more about Enel X’s JuiceBox 48 and join other Tesla owners in becoming Ludicrously Green.

Tesla owners tap into smart chargers for Ludicrously Green charging
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