Tesla prepares for increased demand in China with new vehicle delivery team hiring ramp

The Tesla Model 3 at a Supercharger. (Photo: Tesla)

Tesla has started hiring more Delivery Specialists for six of its locations in China, hinting at a healthy demand for the company’s vehicles like the locally-made Model 3 Standard Range Plus.

Tesla owner-enthusiast @Ray4Tesla found the job listings on the Tesla China website. As could be seen in the job listings, delivery specialists will assist new Tesla owners in coordinating the delivery process for their new electric car.

“As a Delivery Experience Specialist, your responsibility will be to create the most memorable moment in life for every Tesla owner. The Delivery Experience Specialist helps customers prepare vehicles, communicates with customers about delivery locations, and accompanies customers to demonstrate vehicle functions and systems,” Tesla wrote.

Tesla has ramped its home delivery initiatives, especially amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, home deliveries have proven quite popular in locations such as China, as it provides owners with a convenient way to acquire their new vehicle. By hiring more Delivery Specialists, the company appears to be preparing to conduct a higher volume of customer handovers.

The hiring of more Delivery Specialists at several of Tesla’s China locations hints at growing demand for the company’s electric cars. Tesla’s growing demand in the largest auto market in the world was evident in March after the company saw a 450% increase in Model 3 registrations compared to the month prior.

Tesla has enjoyed a significant spike in sales and vehicle registrations while the rest of the Chinese automotive sector has struggled to thrive in current economic conditions. Reports indicated that the automotive industry in China was down almost 44% in March.

Gigafactory Shanghai is currently on pace to produce 200,000 vehicles per year according to the company’s Q1 2020 Update Letter. Tesla has also started offering additional configurations of the Model 3 to the local market. Today, interested buyers will be able to order not only the Model 3’s Standard Range Plus variant, but the Long Range and Performance version as well.

Giga Shanghai’s Phase 2 buildout is also currently underway, with the upcoming Model Y factory coming to form. Tesla, along with many analysts, predicts the Model Y will be the company’s most successful vehicle. So far, it is the only car in Tesla’s lineup to immediately turn a profit within its first quarter of production.

Tesla China’s Model 3 production lines at Gigafactory Shanghai are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. In Tesla’s past attempts to update production lines, the short maintenance periods have opened doors for higher production capabilities. With demand growing in China, Tesla seems to prepare for more production and more deliveries, and the hiring of Delivery Specialists seems to be a notable part of the equation.

Tesla prepares for increased demand in China with new vehicle delivery team hiring ramp
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