Tesla China resumes Model 3 deliveries after shutdown due to coronavirus outbreak

The Made-in-China Model 3. (Credit: Tesla China)

Tesla has resumed deliveries of its Made in China Model 3. The deliveries come after a government-mandated shutdown of production and deliveries amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.

Tesla enthusiast Jay in Shanghai uploaded a video on Twitter showing several vehicle haulers with Model 3s loaded up and being secured onto a car carrier. It was not specified in the video, but these cars will likely be shipped to delivery centers, where they can be handed over to Chinese customers who have purchased the Model 3. Despite meeting challenges in the past weeks, Tesla appears to have found another gear and has not seemed to slow down.

The coronavirus negatively affected Tesla in a variety of ways. After the company announced they would be halting deliveries and production of the Model 3 in China on the advice of Tesla China executive Grace Tao, the company’s stock briefly took a hit. In addition to that, Chinese citizens who have been anticipating the arrival of their electric vehicles were forced to wait a bit longer.

Tesla resumed production at Giga Shanghai on February 10 by shuttling employees to the plant on buses. LG Chem, Tesla’s battery supplier for MIC Model 3s, also resumed operations on February 10. Other businesses in Shanghai have also resumed operations despite the country still attempting to control the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has killed almost 1,400 people as of February 14, according to a report from CBS News. Yesterday, the Chinese government reported an additional 121 deaths and more than 5,000 new cases during the day alone. In Shanghai, where Gigafactory 3 is located, people are free to move within the region, but many have preferred to remain in their homes.

Despite the virus spreading in China, Tesla has already started gearing up to deliver batches of MIC Model 3s. Thus far, Tesla has reported a current run rate of 3,000 Model 3 vehicles per week in Shanghai. Overall, Tesla seems largely unperturbed about Giga Shanghai’s temporary shutdown. with CFO Zach Kirkhorn stating the company was relatively unworried about its finances taking a significant hit due to the outbreak, since Giga Shanghai has only started vehicle production.

Tesla China resumes Model 3 deliveries after shutdown due to coronavirus outbreak
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