Tesla 2020.44 code hints at potential in-vehicle 5G connectivity

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Tesla owner-hacker @greentheonly has found breadcrumbs hinting at possible 5G connectivity coming to the EV automaker’s vehicles while sifting through the code of the company’s 2020.44 over-the-air software update. “Some additional breadcrumbs pointing at upcoming 5g modem support => connectivity suite update soon?” the noted Tesla hacker tweeted recently.

When asked if the refreshed 2021 Model 3 might have been upgraded with 5G equipment, the Tesla enthusiast said that the firmware in Model 3s before the refresh were not “enabled for 5G yet.” The Tesla community’s resident hacker also admitted that he had not personally seen a refreshed Model 3 yet.

Later, Green added: “And there’s additional bandwidth usage monitoring added and a curious mothership option to ask cars to ‘collect hotspot info’- hotspot might really appear in foreseeable future?”

Green’s recent observations suggest that Tesla may be preparing its vehicles for the 5G era, essentially future-proofing its electric cars. This would be especially beneficial for Tesla owners with Premium Connectivity, especially as 5G speeds would vastly improve the speed of over-the-air updates and in-vehicle media streaming applications like Netflix and YouTube.

The recent 2020.44 update introduced Spotify improvements and Autopilot speed optimizations that would benefit from reliable connectivity, like 5G. Tesla also recently improved its UI, giving the company even more reason to pursue superior internet connectivity.

Qualcomm explained that 5G is significantly faster, has more capacity, and lower latency than 4G. It is also a uniformed platform capable of faster mobile broadband services than those offered in the past. 5G handles various spectrums better as well, from low bands (1 GHz) to high bands (6 GHz).

According to Forbes, 5G offers more reliable wireless connectivity using cellular technology that might be better than Wi-Fi. The COVID pandemic has revealed the opportunities for remote work and the role wireless connectivity plays in industries, companies, organizations, and the like.

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A 2019 Capgemini research concluded that companies saw the transformative, disruptive potential of 5G technology and were willing to pay a premium for the service. Tesla seems to be a veteran in transformative, disruptive technology and may see the same potential in 5G technology.

After surveying over 500 global companies, the Capgemini research found that companies were willing to adopt 5G in the next two years, but telecom operators would not be ready to offer the service in at least five years. Even if 5G is a few years away, companies like Tesla are usually ahead of the curve when it comes to life-altering technology. So it makes sense that the automaker is already preparing for the 5G boom.

Polaris Market Research valued the global 5G market at $1.3 billion this year. It estimated that the 5G market could see a 57.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) leading up to 2027.

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Tesla 2020.44 code hints at potential in-vehicle 5G connectivity
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