Tesla China owners show love for their all-electric cars in new promo

Credit: Twitter | @TeslaCN

Tesla owners are a special breed of car buyer. While everyone who buys a new car seems to become attached to it at some point or another, Teslas are increasingly appealing to many people because of their technology and environmental advantages. This has shaped Tesla to be one of the most brand-loyal companies globally in terms of its customers’ support.

In a recent promo for a new Tesla Service Center in the city of Shaoxing, owners in the world’s largest automotive market had the opportunity to share some of the reasons they bought their all-electric car from Tesla, and why some of themselves as lifelong owners of the company’s cars.

Tesla has created a fairly loyal consumer base across the globe. With over 1 million all-electric vehicles roaming the streets of Planet Earth, Tesla has gone from a small, barely-surviving car company to a dominating automotive manufacturer who is changing the tides of what is considered normal within the industry. Before Tesla, nobody was really making electric cars or putting a hard-nosed focus on the need for a more sustainable form of transportation. It was Tesla who brought the issues to the forefront and showed time and time again that EVs didn’t have to be boring, slow, or whine like a remote-controlled car that you played with when you were a child.

Instead, Tesla has shown that EVs are the superior option for what car to buy and drive. Not only is it a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly option than driving a gas or diesel-powered car, but Tesla has brought cars and automotive back into the 21st century. For years, the coolest new feature on a new model year was a touchscreen radio, heated seats, or new safety features. While those are all great to have with a new car, they should be included in something worth between $20,000 and $80,000.

Enter Tesla, the company that changed it all. Tesla showed minimalistic interiors could work, that cars didn’t need to be from this year to be “up to date,” and that people didn’t need fossil fuels to get from one place to the other.

Since Tesla’s insurgence into the leader of the car industry, other car companies have adopted the company’s take on minimalistic interiors. Tesla showed that cars could be like phones, and new features could be downloaded to its cars via an internet connection. Lastly, it inspired some of the biggest car companies in the world to give EVs a shot. While many carmakers may be years away from electric powertrains, these companies are still attempting to bring something competitive and worthwhile to the market. At first, they may not be a manufacturer’s biggest seller, but it could eventually be the basis for which companies are developing new vehicles. Constant improvement from the first EV Ford, Chevy, or another legacy car company brings to the market could spell a concentration of highly-effective electric cars for the future.

Brand loyalty with Tesla is expected with its owners, but even people who have never driven one of the company’s cars are inspired by the design and the technology that the Elon Musk-headed company brings to the table. In China, the opening of a new Service Center is more than just another location for cars to be worked on; it’s proof that Tesla’s tenure in the country is just beginning.

Tesla China owners show love for their all-electric cars in new promo
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