Tesla CyberBeer now available in North America

(Credit: Tesla)

The Tesla CyberBeer + CyberStein limited edition set is now available in North America. And to ensure customers have everything they need, Tesla also sells a CyberOpener. 

Tesla’s Cyberbeer + CyberStein limited edition set costs $150. The set includes two bottles of CyberBeer—a Halles Lager with European Hops Saaz and Hallertau—and two beer mugs. The beer bottles and mug design are clearly inspired by the Cybertruck’s triangular exoskeleton.

The idea of a CyberBeer first took root during Gigafactory Berlin’s Giga Fest event a few years ago. During his time on stage, Elon Musk teased all the unique aspects of Giga Berlin, which included the idea of a “Giga Bier” with a Cybertruck-inspired bottle

“We’re going to build a train station that’s right on the property. And then we’re going to have graffiti murals all throughout the factory, on the outside and everything. So I think that’s going to be pretty cool. We’ve got some of them already. And we’re even going to have a beer,” Musk said at the event.

In April 2023, Tesla started delivering Giga Bier orders. The company charged $100 for three bottles of Giga Bier. Tesla now also offers a Cybertruck-inspired bottle opener, called the CyberOpener, for $50. 

The Tesla Cybertruck has inspired the company to make many other products. Besides the CyberBeer, Tesla also trademarked a Cyberbackpack. The Cybertruck-inspired backpack was designed by a Tesla fan who contacted Tesla to collaborate on his idea. 

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Tesla CyberBeer now available in North America
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