Tesla launches “Cyberquad for Kids” with 36V battery, 15-mile range, and 10 mph max speed

Credit: Tesla Shop

Fresh of the release of its Cybertruck-inspired Cyberwhistle, Tesla has launched the next product in its “Cyber” line of merchandise — the Cyberquad for Kids, a miniature version of the ATV that the company unveiled with its all-electric steel pickup truck back in late 2019. The product is available for customers in the United States through the Tesla Shop for $1,900. 

The Cyberquad for Kids was made in collaboration with Radio Flyer, a longtime partner that has extensive experience in creating miniature Teslas for children. As noted by Radio Flyer, the Cyberquad for Kids was developed in partnership with the Tesla Design Studio, and it is designed as a high-performance ATV that offers quick speeds, long run times, and faster charge times. 

The specs of the Cyberquad for Kids are pretty decent. The all-electric ATV features a max speed of 10 mph, and thanks to its 36V lithium-ion battery, it could travel 15+ miles in one charge. This should make the Cybertruck for Kids a cut above comparable products that utilize lead-acid batteries. But more importantly, the Cybertruck for Kids’ main selling point is its design, which features Cybertruck’s now-iconic cyberpunk-themed look

The Cyberquad for Kids’ off-road capabilities seems pretty great too, since the vehicle is made from a sturdy steel frame and it features thick rubber tires. Performance disc brakes are also used in the vehicle to provide it with strong stopping power. Tesla notes that the miniature Cyberquad would be best for kids who are eight years old and above, and who weigh 150 lbs or less. 

Tesla notes that deliveries of the Cyberquad for Kids are expected to start in 2-4 weeks, though orders are not guaranteed to arrive prior to the holidays. The company also notes that the vehicle could only be shipped to 48 US states, which means that customers from Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico would not be able to order the product. Returns are also allowed within 14 days, provided that the Cybertruck for Kids is unused and its box is unopened. 

The Cybertruck for Kids could be ordered here.

Check out Tesla and Radio Flyer’s teasers for the Cybertruck for Kids in the videos below. 

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Tesla launches “Cyberquad for Kids” with 36V battery, 15-mile range, and 10 mph max speed
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