Tesla Cyberwhistle sells out hours after launch

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla released a Cyberwhistle, inspired by Giga Texas’ upcoming Cybertruck. The Cyberwhistle hints at other “cyber”-branded products that Tesla could be releasing before Cybertrucks hit the roads. 

Musk announced the product’s launch on Twitter, throwing some lighthearted banter towards iPhone maker Apple in the process. “Don’t waste your money on that silly Apple Cloth, buy our whistle instead!” Musk tweeted.

The $50 whistle is made with premium, medical-grade stainless steel and shaped like the Cybertruck. It also included an attachment feature. The Cyberwhistle is listed as limited-edition, and it’s unclear if Tesla plans to restock the medical-grade whistle in the future.

In comparison, the Apple Cloth is a $19 polishing cloth for cleaning the tech giant’s array of devices. The Apple Cloth was available for purchase shortly after the “Unleashed” Apple event and was back ordered up to almost 12 weeks at one point. 

Less than two hours after Elon Musk announced the Tesla Cyberwhistle, it was officially labeled out of stock. The Cyberwhistle hints at how other Tesla “cyber” products could do in the future. 

In September, Tesla filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the “Cyberquad” name. However, the new trademark was not for the “cyber” ATV unveiled with the Cybertruck. Instead, the patents were for other products, including games, toys, sporting goods, and clothing.

Who knows where the Cyberwhistle fits into those categories, but one thing is clear: “cyber” products are coming. 

Tesla might release more “cyber” products ahead of the Cybertruck. The company’s all-electric pickup was unveiled two years ago and has become somewhat of a pop icon even before hitting the road. Other companies have already sold a few “Cybertruck” products, including Hot Wheels and Mattel, so it makes sense for Tesla to release its own set of “cyber” products. 

At the next earnings call, Elon Musk will provide a roadmap for future Tesla products. The Cybertruck’s production schedule might be announced during the meeting as well. Tesla aims to produce the Cybertruck in Giga Texas after Model Y production. 

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Tesla Cyberwhistle sells out hours after launch
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