Tesla Cybertruck display prototypes have arrived in China

Credit: Arash Malek/X

After a recent statement from CEO Elon Musk about putting some Cybertrucks on display in China, it appears that Tesla’s first electric pickups have arrived in the country.

Musk posted last week on X saying that Tesla could probably send some Cybertruck prototypes to be displayed in mainland China, though it would be very difficult to ever make them road-legal there. Just a few days later, a Tesla China poster seen by Teslarati said people who wanted to see the Cybertruck had until March 31 to submit cities where they wanted it to be on display.

On Sunday morning, X account ThinkerCar posted a photo of the display Cybertrucks seemingly arriving in China, showing two units on trailers under vehicle covers. It’s not entirely clear when the Cybertrucks will go on display, though it shouldn’t be long at the rate they were shipped over.

You can see the photo from ThinkerCar below.

Credit: ThinkerCar | X

Drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer also responded to the post with photos from a few days ago at Tesla’s Giga Texas, in which you can see what appear to be the same Cybertrucks as they were packaged and readied for shipping at the U.S. factory last week.

Although Tesla previously allowed residents of China and European countries to place a Cybertruck reservation, the U.S. automaker halted orders of the vehicle in 2022, instead letting hopeful customers “Get Updates” on its website.

Due to the Cybertruck’s size and stainless steel exterior, it’s not likely that those in China will see the unique electric pickup on the country’s roads, as Musk recently alluded to, though Tesla has been spreading awareness about the truck, in part, through its showroom displays.

In the U.S., Tesla began rolling out Cybertruck units to several showrooms in the weeks leading up to the initial delivery event, beginning with some in California and gradually expanding them to a handful of other states.

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Tesla Cybertruck display prototypes have arrived in China
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