Tesla intern shares experience at Gigafactory Berlin

Credit: Silas Heineken | X

A former Tesla intern has shared his thoughts on his time at the company’s Gigafactory in Grünheide, Germany, calling the experience a “journey into the heart of innovation,” among other things.

Silas Heineken, a 17-year-old resident of Grünheide, shared a post on X on Monday detailing his internship experience at the Tesla Gigafactory, dubbed Giga Berlin. In it, Heineken thanks those involved in his internship, specifically noting that he had the chance to learn about the Assembly, Battery Cell, and Powertrain R&D departments.

“The last three weeks have been some of the most inspiring time of my life,” Heineken writes. “Four years after Tesla came to my hometown amidst a never-ending story of controversies, I finally got the opportunity to see for myself. I witnessed what the public doesn’t see, and perhaps doesn’t want to see. People from all over the world work together here, tackling the seemingly impossible and solving the problems of our current times, all in an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm.”

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He also said that the experience has helped to shape his own future plans, adding that it helped him see the “future-oriented environment and spirit that permeate the labs, offices, and production lines at Giga Berlin.”

“This internship wasn’t just a learning experience; it was a journey into the heart of innovation that has reshaped my future aspirations,” Heineken adds in the post. “A big thank you to everyone who was directly and indirectly involved in making this possible!”

In another post, Heineken also highlighted a handful of things that have come to the Grünheide community since Tesla built the Gigafactory. One such mention includes the solar-powered lights Tesla sponsored and installed at a local skate park, featuring dimmable LEDs and automatic motion sensors.

Along with internships, Tesla’s Gigafactory regularly hosts workshops for students, and other events for the families of employees. Heineken’s thoughts on the Tesla internship experience also come just over a month after environmental activists set a fire at Gigafactory Berlin, causing a production halt and garnering an investigation from German authorities and a visit from CEO Elon Musk.

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Tesla intern shares experience at Gigafactory Berlin
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