Tesla Cybertruck and new Roadster star in absolutely insane game trailer

(Credit: Tesla China/Twitter)

Tesla does not advertise in the traditional sense, but the company’s vehicles sure have no problem inspiring some amazing projects. One of these was recently created for Tesla China and Tencent Games, and it is arguably the coolest game trailer that has ever been made featuring the Cybertruck and the next-generation Roadster. 

Tesla China attracted a lot of attention this weekend after a two-minute trailer for Game for Peace (the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile) made the rounds online. The clips were remarkable, and they were overflowing with references to Elon Musk’s numerous projects. Needless to say, even the Tesla CEO himself stamped the trailer with his seal of approval on Twitter. 

The trailer, which was made by @NutT4y with INFINI for Tesla China and Tencent Games, opens with a shot of the next-generation Tesla Roadster traveling in space and landing on Mars, where it was joined by the steel Cybertruck. The two all-electric vehicles then time-traveled 15 years into the past, where they were drop-shipped into an intense battleground riddled with deadly droids and other threats. 

The rest of the trailer was a feast for the eyes, featuring scenes that would not be out of place in a legitimate action flick. One of the most notable was the Cybertruck using its heavy steel body to crush multiple droids at once while it was drifting, as well as the all-electric pickup truck jumping into the air and straight into a wormhole as it made its escape with the next-generation Roadster. It’s all dumb fun, but there’s no denying that the whole two-minute sequence was absolutely cool. 

Being a company that does not advertise, the public’s perception of Tesla tends to be skewed at times. Thanks to an immense amount of negative media coverage as well as the usual criticism from traditional auto fans, a significant amount of the general public are largely unaware of the safety offered by Tesla’s electric cars or their sheer dominating performance. One of the best ways to address this information gap is to advertise, of course, though this is something that Elon Musk has been quite hesitant to do. 

Despite this, however, Tesla’s reach is impressive. Very few in social media are likely unaware of Tesla due to Elon Musk’s large following on Twitter. References to Tesla in popular games such as PUBG Mobile (or Game for Peace in China) also help greatly in ensuring that the company’s vehicles are as visible as possible. 

Watch Game for Peace‘s recent Tesla trailer in the video below. 

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Tesla Cybertruck and new Roadster star in absolutely insane game trailer
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