Tesla Cybertruck rear light bar makes an appearance in recent sighting

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The Tesla Cybertruck’s sightings, particularly in California, are definitely becoming more commonplace. This suggests that the all-electric pickup truck may indeed be entering its initial production in the near future. Needless to say, the excitement is high for the Cybertruck. 

But while multiple Cybertrucks have already been spotted online, and while it almost seems certain that the vehicle’s design has been finalized, some aspects of the all-electric pickup truck remain unconfirmed. One of these is its rear light bar, which has mostly disappeared in the company’s newer prototypes

It may seem pretty silly to get fully focused on a truck’s rear light bar, but there is a pretty good reason why not a small amount of electric car fans are particularly interested in it. This was because while Tesla’s newer prototypes were missing the part, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that a rear light bar will indeed make it to the Cybertruck’s production version

To be fair, it is pretty understandable why the Cybertruck’s rear light bar is even a topic worth discussing. In a way, the thin red light at the back of the original Cybertruck prototype helped give the vehicle a futuristic and Blade Runner-esque vibe. This was why when updated prototypes of the Cybertruck were spotted with two tiny square lights at the rear, some EV fans were understandably disappointed. 

Fortunately, a recent sighting of a Cybertruck that has been shared online all but confirms Elon Musk’s past statement. The sighting of the Cybertruck was very short, but one could clearly make out a light bar at the center of the tailgate when the vehicle turned a corner. It was quite different from the light bar equipped in the original prototype, however, as this one only covered the middle of the Cybertruck’s rear. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is arguably the most anticipated all-electric vehicle this year. With a list of pre-orders that is estimated to be around 1.7 million as of the start of the year, Tesla would likely have its hands full for the next few years just getting through the Cybertruck’s initial orders. If the vehicle proves that it is worth the hype, then its demand will likely remain pretty stable in the years to come. 

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Tesla Cybertruck rear light bar makes an appearance in recent sighting
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