Tesla Cybertruck recovery points look very hefty in recent sighting

Credit: @greggertruck/X

It would appear that the Tesla Cybertruck is equipped with hefty recovery points in front. This was hinted at in recent videos and photos of the all-electric pickup truck that were shared online.

Cybertruck Owners Club member @cvalue13 recently posted a rather interesting video of the all-electric pickup truck. While Cybertruck sightings have become increasingly common over the past weeks, this particular vehicle showed components that were mostly not seen in previous sightings. As the Cybertruck drove by, it was evident that the all-electric pickup truck had its front tow hooks/recovery points exposed. 

Another sighting of the Cybertruck’s recovery points was shared by longtime Cybertruck enthusiast @greggertruck, who posted a short clip of several units of the all-electric pickup truck being transported at the back of a trailer. Several of the Cybertrucks in the trailer had their recovery points exposed as well. 

Much to the excitement of Tesla watchers, the all-electric pickup truck’s recovery points looked heavy-duty. Some even joked that the Cybertruck recovery points looked durable enough to be used as mounts for accessories like snow plows and the like. Such an idea would be quite useful, and it would likely be unique as well. 

Recovery points are used for extracting a vehicle if it gets stuck. Considering that the Cybertruck would likely be used for off-roading, there will be times when it would need to be pulled out. Having recovery points in the Cybertruck could then be considered a given. But in true Tesla fashion, the Cybertruck’s recovery points are not too traditional, as they are square with a round hole in the middle, unlike the typical rounded ones in other pickup trucks. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to start its customer deliveries sometime later this year. Tesla even opened a referral program that allows participants to secure an invite to the Cybertruck’s first delivery event in Austin, Texas. Recent reports suggest that the referral prize has been pulled for now, suggesting that the Cybertruck delivery event’s first round of invites are already fully redeemed. 

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Tesla Cybertruck recovery points look very hefty in recent sighting
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