Tesla Cybertruck release candidate shows look at charging port, tow hitch

Credit: @greggertruck/X

A Cybertruck release candidate was recently sighted at a Tesla Supercharger. Videos taken of the all-electric pickup truck provided a teaser of some of the Cybertruck’s features, such as its charging port and its tow hitch.

Late last month, electric vehicle enthusiasts spotted a rather interesting Cybertruck unit testing on public roads. While some of the all-electric pickup trucks have been sighted with full wraps, this particular vehicle sported decals instead. The decals featured the letters “RC,” which was interpreted by EV fans as “release candidate,” which typically refers to the final iteration of a product before it enters production.

This time around, one of the Cybertrucks with dedicated “RC” decals was spotted at a Supercharger in Las Vegas. As could be seen in the video, the Cybertruck was fitted with a number of wires and sensors. Some of the sensors were placed near the charging port, and another set was placed near the passenger window. 

The vehicle was also fitted with a tow hitch, which is quite fitting considering the recent sightings of the Cybertruck pulling a trailer on public roads. In past days, sightings of the Cybertruck pulling a 24-foot trailer were reported. Similar to the recent sighting, the truck that was pulling the trailer also had wires and sensors in similar areas. 

One thing that stood out in the recent sighting was the Cybertruck’s tow hitch, which looked like it was close to hitting the Supercharger stall. In a way, the Cybertruck’s large size is evident in the Las Vegas sighting, as the Supercharger’s cable looked fairly stretched just so it could reach the vehicle’s charging port, which is located on the driver’s side rear wheel well. 

The increasing number of Cybertruck sightings bodes well for the all-electric pickup truck’s impending release. With release candidates now on the road and invites to the Cybertruck unveiling already being offered through the Tesla Referral Program, it may only be a matter of time before the all-electric truck starts its customer deliveries. 

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Tesla Cybertruck release candidate shows look at charging port, tow hitch
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