Tesla Cybertruck proudly displays its release candidate status in new sighting

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There are some things that cannot be denied with Tesla. The company is dead serious when it comes to the safety of its vehicles, and it is also incredibly conservative with the rollout of its advanced driver-assist features. Considering the Cybertruck’s recent sightings, it is also evident that Tesla has a sense of humor — and a lot of style. 

Some of Tesla’s Cybertruck test units have been spotted with various wraps, some with camouflage patterns and others with humorous wraps that are made to resemble competitors like the Toyota Tundra. A recent Cybertruck that was spotted recently, however, featured a more understated but equally unique design. 

Unlike other test units that were fully wrapped, this particular Cybertruck only had decals on its front end and doors. Interestingly enough, the decals on the truck featured the letters “RC” and the words “RC_BUILD ENGINEERING PROTOTYPE.” Tesla watchers online noted that the “RC” in the vehicle likely refers to its designation as a “release candidate.” If this was indeed the case, the vehicle could be considered a “sneak preview” of the Cybertruck’s production version. 

To some amusement from social media users, the “RC” Cybertruck seemed to have some misaligned panels, which is an issue that’s long been related to Tesla’s early builds. Panel gaps or not, however, it’s hard to deny that with its “RC” decals, the Cybertruck looked even more like a prop straight out of a science fiction movie

The Cybertruck itself is a rolling billboard of sorts for Tesla, in the way that there is simply no other vehicle that looks like it on the road today. Some people will most definitely hate the Cybertruck when it gets released, but an equal number, or perhaps an even bigger number, will also love it immensely. Ultimately, it is the Cybertruck’s polarizing nature that would likely make the vehicle into the game-changer that it could very well become. 

Tesla is expected to hold the Cybertruck’s first delivery event sometime this third quarter. While a specific date has not been announced, the company has launched a new referral incentive that allows users to secure an invite to the upcoming event for 30,000 referral points. 

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Tesla Cybertruck proudly displays its release candidate status in new sighting
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