Tesla Cybertruck resale values are falling, wholesaler says

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Tesla Cybertruck resale values are falling, according to the owner of the United States’ largest vehicle wholesaler.

There has been much publicity regarding the Tesla Cybertruck, the resale policy, and the values currently circulating. As it is currently one of the most high-demand vehicles for people, some are willing to pay significantly more than $200,000 to own Tesla’s first-ever pickup truck.

However, patience appears to be a virtue in the Cybertruck resale market, according to John Clay Wolfe, who owns GIVE ME THE VIN, the nation’s largest vehicle wholesaler with nearly $2 billion in annual revenue.

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Wolfe’s company sold the first Tesla Cybertruck at auction in February for $244,500. We have seen prices in the past two weeks be as high as $220,000, as TikTok has documented the resale attempts of George Saliba, who met with NFL player Ji’Ayir Brown in early March.

Brown met with Saliba to purchase a Cybertruck, but after a quick call with his financial advisor, the NFL player ultimately decided to pass on purchasing the pickup for a price of $210,000.

Brown may be in the market now, as Wolfe’s company has sold two Cybertruck units in the past week for well under $200,000.

Wolfe said that last week’s unit went for $175,000, and another unit sold on Wednesday, March 20, for just $171,000.

“So for anyone paying attention, the market continues to go down on the Cybertruck,” Wolfe said.

Tesla has attempted to enforce a no-resale clause on the Cybertruck, and has recently found out about some owners who have multiple reservations for the truck, cancelling them for attempting to sell the pickup.

“Moving forward, any future orders placed by you will be canceled without a refund of the $100 reservation or $250 order fee as official notification has been provided to you regarding this matter,” Tesla wrote to someone who resold a Cybertruck unit.

Tesla has written in a sales agreement:

“Tesla may seek injunctive relief to prevent the transfer of title of the Vehicle or demand liquidated damages from you in the amount of $50,000 or the value received as consideration for the sale or transfer, whichever is greater. Tesla may also refuse to sell you any future vehicles.”

However, this has not stopped some from selling their Cybertrucks to those who want to pay big money for them.

Now that values for the Cybertruck are starting to settle, we could see more vehicles change hands, but whether Tesla will be able to enforce any penalties against the seller and buyer remains up in the air.

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Tesla Cybertruck resale values are falling, wholesaler says
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