Tesla Cybertruck’s Steam integration is dicey, hacker reveals

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck’s Steam integration, which would allow owners to play numerous games in the vehicle, is a little bit of a dicey situation currently, according to a notable hacker.

Tesla hacker “Green” posted several updates yesterday regarding the Cybertruck and its ability to support Steam, a gaming distribution service that has been integrated into other vehicles in the company’s lineup.

It helps bring the most well-rounded and complete gaming experience to Tesla vehicles.

However, while the Cybertruck does have Steam in its firmware, it appears the vehicle is not quite able to support it due to a RAM package that is lower than what the gaming platform requires.

“While Steam support is part of the firmware, same as S/X, it’s not showing up for anybody with CT because today the car computer is roughly [the] same spec as modern 3/y and original S/X refresh: only 8G RAM, 128G storage,” Green said in a Tweet.

“Unless the requirements for Steam get less strict in the future (currently requires 16G RAM), CT owners might need to replace/upgrade their car computers to get steam similarly to how early plaid car users need to do it today (and I think it’s not free either).”

To make a long story short, Cybertruck’s current car computer is not capable of operating Steam because its operating system is not rated to handle what the platform requires.

This means that Tesla Cybertruck owners will have to upgrade their systems if they do want to run Steam in the vehicle, but it is unclear why the automaker chose to run a less-than-capable system in the vehicle in the first place.

Green clarified in the later Tweet that Cybertruck does have Steam integration, but “you just cannot currently enable it because current policy prohibits it.”

Tesla fans and owners who replied to Green’s findings seemed disappointed, of course, noting that the Model 3, Y, and Cybertruck “seem unnecessarily nerfed.”

Another person said that some things Tesla does are “borderline scams.”

Obviously, it is somewhat of a disappointment for many people, but it does not seem like this saga is over. Considering there are some things that could happen that could enable Steam compatibility, there is a chance for Cybertruck to be perhaps the coolest gaming rig on the market.

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Tesla Cybertruck’s Steam integration is dicey, hacker reveals
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