Tesla loses another fleet customer due to price cuts and value fluctuation

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Tesla is losing yet another fleet customer due to price cuts and value fluctuation, as SAP said today that the changes are too much of a risk due to wiping out resale values.

Tesla has lost some of its large fleets, including Hertz, which announced it would be eliminating a large number of EVs from its rental inventory and selling them off, and SIXT, a German rental company.

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SIXT is getting rid of Tesla altogether, trading them in for Stellantis EVs, it announced in January.

Now, the SAP, which has 29,000 vehicles in its fleet, appears to be doing the same, according to a report from Handelsblatt, a German media outlet. SAP said that Tesla’s price fluctuations are becoming a risk to the value of the fleet while noting that the company’s need to change prices to remain competitive and help with demand is understandable.

SAP said it would remove Tesla from its list of company car suppliers.

Steffen Krautwasser, the Fleet Manager at SAP, explained the choice to Handelsblatt:

“The list prices fluctuate more at Tesla than at other manufacturers, which makes planning more difficult and poses a higher risk for us. From Tesla’s perspective, this is understandable, but it causes problems for us.”

Varying Decisions

Hertz’s main concern with EVs in its most recent Earnings Report indicated that demand for EVs was lower than expected. It was also struggling with higher-than-expected repair costs, which cut into its adjusted corporate EBITDA.

Hertz said:

“It is expected that the planned reduction in the EV fleet and reinvestment in additional ICE vehicles will improve Adjusted Corporate EBITDA across 2024, as vehicles are rotated, and in 2025, by which time all of the vehicles included in this plan are expected to be sold.”

Meanwhile, SIXT’s reasoning was similar to that of SAP. Price cuts across Tesla’s lineup hurt the resale value of the fleet altogether. SIXT is still investing in EV rentals, but it is avoiding Tesla specifically due to the uncertainty with pricing across its vehicle lineup.

Tesla Price Adjustments

Tesla’s price adjustment were frequent in early 2023, but they have slowed down considerably since. Although the most recent price adjustment took effect this morning on the Model 3, this is the first in the U.S. in some time.

However, Tesla did adjust the prices of the Model Y in Germany and Sweden in mid-January. In Germany, all the prices were reduced, which is great for consumers, but tough for companies that have bought a large number of units.

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Tesla loses another fleet customer due to price cuts and value fluctuation
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