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Tesla Giga Texas produces 5,000 Model Ys in a single week

Credit: Teslarati

Tesla Giga Texas has reached the 5,000-unit weekly production rate, equating to a roughly quarter-of-a-million vehicle production capacity with the Model Y.

Tesla Giga Texas reached a production rate of 3,000 Model Y units per week in December and added 1,000 more units by early April of this year. Just a little over a month later, Tesla has already reached a new milestone of 5,000 units in a single week, increasing the capacity by 20 percent in a short amount of time.

Tesla has not officially announced the news yet, but Teslarati obtained photographs of the company celebrating the production milestone with a unique 5k logo that features Texas longhorns with an engrained Tesla “T” within.

tesla giga texas 5k logo on hood

Credit: Teslarati

Tesla planted the logo celebrating the milestone on the hood of a Model Y, which is fitting due to it being the only vehicle the automaker currently produces at the facility.

Tesla has worked hard to ramp production of the Model Y in both Texas and Germany at Giga Berlin, as well as the Fremont Factory in Northern California where the vehicle was first produced.

Tesla’s Model Y has quickly overtaken its sibling Model 3 in becoming the automaker’s most popular vehicle model. While it quickly became not only the company’s most sought-after car but one of the most popular in the world, Tesla has tried to ramp production as much as possible to keep up with demand.

In its Q1 2023 Shareholder Deck, Tesla noted that Model Y production at Giga Texas was in the vicinity of “>250,000” units per year. It is evident that the automaker is working to increase production of the Model Y even further, as it could plan to utilize the vast amount of floor space it has at Giga Texas to utilize a more refined manufacturing process that would yield even more cars.

However, the Model Y is far from the only project Tesla has at Giga Texas. Soon, it will begin production of the highly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck, which has amassed over 1 million pre-orders and is set to begin production sometime later this year.

CEO Elon Musk detailed that Tesla will have a dedicated delivery event at Giga Texas sometime in Q3, which would indicate that is when the company anticipates the start date of deliveries. The automaker shared a rare look inside the factory during its most recent Earnings Call, where it showed pictures of the first prototype production line of the Cybertruck at Giga Texas.

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Tesla Giga Texas produces 5,000 Model Ys in a single week
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