Tesla Cybertruck seen towing a Model Y on a trailer in California

Credit: Greg Coleman | Facebook

The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted several times ahead of its official delivery event in November, but it’s only been seen a few times while towing a trailer. However, in one recent sighting in California, the Cybertruck was seen towing another one of Tesla’s vehicles on a trailer not far from the automaker’s engineering headquarters.

Tesla’s Cybertruck was spotted towing a Model Y on a trailer on Monday in Palo Alto, as seen in a photo posted to Facebook. The Cybertruck is seen turning left onto Porter Drive from Page Mill Road, just about two miles from Tesla’s engineering headquarters in the California city.

The Cybertruck includes the “RC” decal seen on many recent builds, indicating that the unit is a release candidate and is likely still undergoing some testing. Depending on the configuration, the Model Y weighs somewhere roughly 4,000 to 4,500 pounds so the pictured scenario shouldn’t be a difficult tow for the Cybertruck.

Credit: Greg Coleman | Facebook

Cybertruck sightings have been common for the past few months, with many pictures and videos of the vehicle surfacing ahead of its release. Many have also wondered if the Cybertruck will be able to be used as a work truck, and only a few have managed to catch the vehicle towing in the past few months of sightings.

Earlier this month, the Cybertruck was seen towing SpaceX’s Starship Raptor engine at Starbase in Texas, weighing around 3,500 pounds. Last month, one onlooker also spotted the Cybertruck towing a 24-foot trailer on a California highway. When it was initially unveiled in 2019, the Cybertruck was said to have a towing capacity of 14,000 pounds.

Tesla announced during its third-quarter earnings call that it would hold a Cybertruck delivery event on November 30. The company is also holding a drawing to give shareholders a chance to attend the Gigafactory Texas event in person.

Tesla Cybertruck with cargo racks seen at Supercharger station

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Tesla Cybertruck seen towing a Model Y on a trailer in California
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