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Tesla reveals Cybertruck windshield details in patent

Credit: USPTO | Tesla

Tesla has revealed details surrounding the Cybertruck windshield in a patent that was obtained by the automaker just a few days ago.

Tesla obtained a patent for “Automotive Glass Structure having feature lines and related methods of manufacture” on January 19. The company describes the glass in the patent:

“Automotive glass structures having curves and feature lines and methods for forming the same are provided. An example method includes applying localized heat (e.g., via a laser, heating element) to a location of a substantially planar glass structure and bending the glass structure at that location (e.g., along a line of the planar glass structure) to form a feature line in the glass structure. The bending can be formed to have a radius of curvature of between 2 mm and 5 cm. Additional layers of curved or joined glass layers may further be included to form a curved multi-layer glass structure for automotive use.”

Initially spotted by Electrek, Tesla states in the patent that the glass could be utilized by “a car, a truck, a semi-truck, and so on.” However, the patent specifically shows illustrations of the Cybertruck and its interior:

When the Cybertruck was unveiled in November 2019, the company stated it would have a special type of Armor Glass that would be difficult to break or penetrate, which is only one of the many features of the Cybertruck that promotes longevity and rugged durability.

In past reports, we have shown Tesla’s plans for high-durability glass through a ‘multi-layer glass stack’ with a roughly 10 percent chance of failure. This design measured between .5 and 1.1 millimeters thick and has an adhesive interlayer. It also included a “non-soda lime, low-CTE, high densification glass” that measures between 2 and 5 millimeters thick” on the outer layer of the glass, which increases durability.

Tesla Cybertruck

Credit: Tesla

This patent discusses explicit “feature lines,” meaning glass must be able to form structures with “aggressive curves or folds.” This would describe the Cybertruck’s abrupt and sharp changes in its exoskeleton, which are completely untraditional compared to the pickup trucks currently available. Tesla said in the detailed description:

“For example, a faceted windshield with aggressive feature lines may be formed. Without being constrained by way of example, a glass structure may have a feature line with an example radius of curvature of between 2 mm and 5 cm. Thus, glass structures may be formed in shapes and configurations which were previously unavailable through conventional bending methods.”

Tesla claims the glass can be bent through heat. It could also involve conjoining two pieces of glass through welding or an adhesive like polymer.

tesla cybertruck glass design

Credit: USPTO | Tesla

Tesla filed related patents in China, Korea, Europe, and Japan.

With the Cybertruck set to enter production soon, the automaker is continuing to move forward with the vehicle’s development. Production equipment has been spotted on numerous occasions both near and inside the walls of Gigafactory Texas.

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Tesla reveals Cybertruck windshield details in patent
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