Tesla District teased as Giga Mexico construction prep starts

(Credit: Tesla)

The Government of Nuevo León laid out plans for the upcoming Tesla District, encompassing Gigafactory Mexico and some surrounding areas. 

The Government of Nuevo León recently announced that work on Giga Mexico’s entrances and exits has started along the Monterrey-Saltillo Highway in the municipality of St. Catarina. A few construction prep works have begun on the Tesla Mexico gigafactory site, including land leveling, topographies, and general cleaning. Other preliminary work has also started, including surveys on the foundation and load capacity of the site. 

The layout of Giga Mexico is still being planned, and the entrances to the site are still being determined. The structural design of Giga Mexico will be based on the surveys results.

After the engineering studies and surveys results are released, Tesla will likely focus on completing the main works for Giga Mexico. The main works include the construction of a vehicular bridge, access ramps, and a third-lane expansion on the Monterey-Saltillo free highway.

Tesla Giga Mexico’s permits have been approved quickly, and construction on the new gigafactory might move as swiftly. The Government of Nuevo León seems dedicated to supporting Tesla and the construction of Giga Mexico.

A few days ago, Nuevo León approved a $153 million incentive for Giga Mexico. Tesla appears to be moving just as quickly as the local government. Shortly after receiving the construction permit, Tesla posted a new job position in Nuevo León for a Procurement Manager for Giga Mexico.

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Tesla District teased as Giga Mexico construction prep starts
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