Tesla crushes other electric car makers in the Netherlands to end 2019

Tesla Model 3 (Source: Tesla)

If electric vehicle sales can be likened to a drag race, it’s safe to say Tesla utterly slayed the competition in the Netherlands this year. The US electric car manufacturer closed Q4 with a bang by raking in 16,877 registrations and led other popular brands with a total of 30,882 electric vehicle registrations in 2019.

Toyota was in a far second with 14,824 cumulative EV (electrified) registrations in the Netherlands while Kia sold 9,369 units. Hyundai and Audi were in the middle of the pack with 8,190 and 7,699 EVs sold, respectively. Nissan sold 3,925 vehicles, while BMW registered 3,616.

Looking at the graph from EV data portal EU-EVs.com, it wasn’t an easy start for Tesla as it was trailing the competition. Registrations during Q1 were pegged at 2,747, just behind the 3,365 units of Toyota. It was the same picture for Q2 with 3,482 registrations for Tesla and 4,276 for Japanese automotive giant Toyota.

Tesla vs Other EV Manufacturers – Total Registrations 2019 in the Netherlands (Source: Eu-Evs.com)

Q3 2019 is a different story as Tesla seemingly had a boost and left the other car brands behind. It finished first during the quarter with 7,776 units and Toyota didn’t have the grip and only had 3,593 new EVs registered.

The H2 2019 uptick can be attributed to the increasing Benefit-In-Kind taxes this 2020, which spells higher costs for consumers who want to get behind the wheel of a green car. The BIK doubles to 8% as the new year starts and the price threshold also goes down to 45,000 euros.

The Tesla Model 3 was also a big factor in the success of the brand in the country. The surge of Model 3 sales in Q4 2019 was impressive at 16,289, a big jump from the Q3 sales of 7,549. The brand sold 3,360 Model 3s during Q2 and 2,702 in Q1.

Overall, Tesla’s numbers in the Netherlands will definitely be a factor in helping the brand meet its Q4 goal of delivering 105,000 units and its yearly guidance of 360,000 to 400,000 vehicles. The country has become the biggest market of the brand in Europe, overtaking Norway before the end of 2019.

In the United States, Tesla also pushed hard to close the year with CEO Elon Musk rushing back to the Fremont Tesla Delivery Center to assist with vehicle deliveries.

Likewise, Tesla has also hit its production goal in its Gigafactory in Shanghai, rolling out 280 Made-In-China Model 3 per 10-hour shift or more than 1,500 units per week. The production is expected to ramp up as more frontline workers are added to the production line.

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Tesla crushes other electric car makers in the Netherlands to end 2019
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