Tesla & other companies form EMA to promote electric mobility in Mexico


Tesla and a few other companies recently announced the launch of the Electro Mobility Association (EMA) to promote the production and purchase of electric vehicles in Mexico. 

Along with representatives from Tesla, Chinese automaker BYD, Europe’s Volvo, JAC, SEV, and Vemo formed the EMA. During a conference, Shirley Wagner was introduced as the President of EMA.

“The EMA has to be that reference that helps the main electric car companies to integrate into the Mexican market, if not also that the citizens themselves begin to abandon the use of combustion-based cars for an electric one,” said Wagner. 

Tesla Giga Mexico will likely help the EMA reach its goals. Tesla’s gigafactory in Mexico will produce the company’s most affordable EV yet: the Model 2. Elon Musk also mentioned that during phase 3 of Giga Mexico, the factory might also produce the Tesla Cybertruck. 

BYD is also considering Mexico for the site of its new electric vehicle plant. Nuevo León is one of the sites the Chinese automaker is considering. Nuevo León happens to be in the same area where Tesla Giga Mexico will be situated. 

EMA aims to promote clean air and reduce emissions over the next ten years. The group also plans to encourage the adoption and education of electric mobility. It plans to collaborate with key players who can help drive regulations and implement green practices that align with its goals. 

Part of its near-term goals is to support the development, installation, and operation of EV charging infrastructure. In addition, EMA aims to promote economic growth from Mexico’s developing electric car industry. 

Wagner stated that half of all cars sold in Mexico should be electric by 2030. By 2035, 100% of the vehicles sold in Mexico should be electric. 

“Achieving this goal will create thousands of new jobs, secure a leading position in electric vehicle manufacturing globally, improve public health, and significantly reduce pollution and carbon emissions,” said Wagner.

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Tesla & other companies form EMA to promote electric mobility in Mexico
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