Tesla Giga Mexico construction to begin next week: Governor

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Construction on Tesla’s upcoming Gigafactory in Mexico has been delayed in recent weeks, but the northern state’s Governor has now announced a new groundbreaking date.

Although some preliminary construction has already begun around the area, the site’s official groundbreaking date was recently pushed back due to some environmental permitting concerns.

In a statement on Friday, Nuevo León Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda said that Giga Mexico construction will now begin on March 3, according to a report from the Mexican publication Milenio. The factory will be located in Santa Catarina within the Monterrey metro, and García Sepúlveda says it will be near the city’s Terralta sector.

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“See you also from this Sunday to the other in Terralta, because we started the construction of Tesla,” García Sepúlveda said. “Tesla starts next Sunday, there will come a lot of investment, a lot of development, a lot of spillover.”

He also noted that while Nuevo León was proud to host the upcoming 2026 World Cup at its Rayados stadium, the new Tesla factory will remain for longer, positively influencing families in the community.

The World Cup is already in two years, but it lasts two months and then this legacy will stay for us and our children,” he added.

The update comes after the state leader said earlier this month that construction would likely come in March, though plans had been delayed due to a need to update environmental permits. García Sepúlveda also said that the government has requested an extension on the environmental permitting process, due to the factory appearing to be larger than initially expected.

“Today I talked to… I’m going to say, with management in Mexico, there’s the electric issue, there’s already the water issue, there’s already the environment, they’ve asked for an extension of the environmental permit because it looks like the plant is going to be bigger than they thought,” García Sepúlveda said.

“I told him that since the state is already making the roads and accesses, I asked them to come no later than March Tesla to make a first stone announcement, and they didn’t tell me no, so I hope very soon, in less than a month, Tesla will come, now the company does do the project.”

Giga Mexico will produce Tesla’s next-generation, lower-cost electric vehicle (EV), expected to begin by the second half of 2025, according to CEO Elon Musk. Governor García Sepúlveda has also said that the site will be a three-phase project, eventually producing batteries, the Model Y, and the Cybertruck.

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Tesla Giga Mexico construction to begin next week: Governor
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