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Tesla’s employee headcount nears 100,000 after 40% increase in 2021

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Tesla is employing nearly 100,000 people across its facilities, thanks to an over 40 percent increase in the company’s workforce last year.

Tesla revealed in its 10-K filing with the SEC that it employed 99,290 employees as of December 31, 2021. This is a substantial increase from how many people the company had employed at the end of 2020. Tesla reported an employee headcount of 70,757 people at the end of 2020.

The figures only count full-time employees.

It is no secret Tesla has a quickly expanding business. As the company continues to increase vehicle production and open new production facilities in various regions around the world, Tesla is in need of hard-working people that share the company’s ultimate goal: accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.

“To date, we have not experienced any work stoppages as a result of labor disputes, and we consider our relationship with our employees to be good. Our key human capital objectives in managing our business include attracting, developing and retaining top talent while integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion principles and practices into our core values,” Tesla said in the filing.

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In terms of the automotive industry, Tesla is beginning to catch up to some of the larger companies in terms of a global workforce. Some of the largest and most notable names in the sector employ hundreds of thousands of workers. Ford reported that its employee headcount was roughly 180,000 workers in 2020. Volkswagen said it employed around 665,000 people globally in 2020.

Volkswagen is the automotive industry’s largest employer, with Toyota coming in second place with over 370,000 total employees.

Tesla’sworkforce continues to expand so quickly due to its frequent and constant expansion. Tesla opens new showrooms, service centers, and other facilities on what seems like a weekly basis. Additionally, the ccompany’s many long-term goals, which include the expansion of service centers and Superchargers, are contributing to the increasing headcount.

Musk said late last year that his companies employ around 110,000 people.

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Tesla’s employee headcount nears 100,000 after 40% increase in 2021
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