Tesla expands Beijing Supercharger station to become world’s largest

Tesla Balong Mansion Supercharger with 50-stalls in Beijing

Following last month’s opening of a massive 50-stall Supercharger station in Shanghai, China, the California electric car company has officially created a rival “World’s largest Tesla Supercharging station” by expanding an existing charging site in Beijing from 20 to 50 stalls.

Shanghai-based Tesla Model S owner Jason Man confirmed with Teslarati that the Baolong Mansion Supercharger station located at South 3rd Ring Road West in Beijing has recently been upgraded to 50 stalls. A listing on Tesla’s Chinese Supercharger map confirms the 50 stalls, though the company’s U.S. listing still shows the original 20-stall count.

The Supercharger station, located on the lot of the Baolong building, is in the heart of Beijing and in close proximity to nine other active stations, and an additional nine that are expected to open by the end of the year.

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The expansion of an existing charging station solidifies Tesla’s pledge to bring 1,000 Superchargers to China by year’s end, and a testament to the company’s support of the world’s largest auto market. It was recently reported that Tesla had reached an agreement with the Shanghai municipal government to set up a factory in China.

Furthermore, Tesla also began producing Model S and Model X aimed at the Chinese market that have a dual charging port to support the country’s GB/T domestic charging standard.

Tesla Baolong Mansion Supercharger with 50-stalls in Beijing



Tesla expands Beijing Supercharger station to become world’s largest
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