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Tesla looks to expand 4680 cell production with new Fremont facility

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Tesla is expanding its business in Fremont, California, where it operates one of its vehicle manufacturing plants, but the factory is not changing. Instead, Tesla is leasing a 210,000+ square-foot advanced manufacturing facility on Fremont Blvd. to help support the production of the company’s 4680 cell technology.

Tesla signed a lease for 48401 Fremont Blvd., according to two sources who told the San Francisco Business Times that the new industrial real estate area will be used for 4680 production.

The building, which is owned by real estate investment trust Prologis, was initially set to be a manufacturing hub for Applied Materials, but the company pulled out of its lease.

Tesla’s newly-lease property at 48401 Fremont Blvd. is located just three miles from the Fremont Factory.

tesla new fremont plant

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It is also just across the street from its Kato Road facility, which has been widely recognized as the plant most responsible for 4680 cell production.

tesla fremont battery plant new facility

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Tesla’s 4680 cell offensive has started with production at Kato Road, but the company has been manufacturing the cells in Texas as well and putting them in Model Y vehicles that are built at Gigafactory Texas.

The cells were unveiled at Battery Day in late 2020 and catapulted Tesla into the frame as a major contributor to an increase in battery cell technology. However, the company has worked to ramp up production for several years, and while it has made drastic strides, it has not implemented the batteries in vehicles in a mass number of vehicles.

Tesla debuts new 4680 battery cell: 500% more energy, 6X power, range increase

However, it could be a piece of Cybertruck production in the future. Although last year CEO Elon Musk said 4680 cells would be “important” in 2023, they were not a major contributor to satisfying vehicle production in 2022.

Tesla plans to bring the Cybertruck to production later this year, and plans to begin delivering the vehicles in Q3 with a dedicated event.

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Tesla looks to expand 4680 cell production with new Fremont facility
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