Top 10 Tesla “Fanboy” types parodied in hilarious skit by owner

Credit: EVlectric/Youtube

It’s always good to poke a bit of fun at yourself for a somewhat literal pick-me-up, especially when the world is upside down, and that’s exactly what Taylor of YouTube channel EVlectric recently set out to do.

In a video named “Different Types of Tesla Owners,” viewers were asked to consider their own electric car ownership experience and determine which personality profile described them best based on suggested options. Visuals were provided, of course, although the costume budget looked a bit shoestring. Nevertheless, you should still be able to recognize yourself. When you see it…you see it, no?

To many onlookers, Tesla “fanboyism” certainly appears to come in a multitude of flavors, but Taylor’s approach to defining them helps keep things organized. The humorous video narrows owners down to 11 types. Could this be like defining base dessert flavors that complement a multitude of toppings? Perhaps.

If we’re being totally honest, Tesla CEO Elon Musk probably fits any number of Taylor’s defined ‘types,’ depending on the day. Keyboard warrior? Check. The Young Tesla Kidz? In spirit. The Shareholder? In the mosh pit with the best of them, even when he shouldn’t be. The Performance and Mod types? Well, he runs the company, so…

Here at Teslarati, there’s no judgment. Live your best Tesla life with however many logos on your person as you’d like.

You can watch Taylor’s full video below:

Top 10 Tesla “Fanboy” types parodied in hilarious skit by owner
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