Tesla Model 3 wins over Jamie Foxx: “Holla at me, Elon!”

Credit: YouTube | Jamie Foxx

The Tesla Model 3 Performance has turned many people who are skeptical over electric vehicles into true believers of the sustainable transportation movement. The unique design, coupled with world-class performance specifications, instant torque, and Autopilot capability changes the minds of skeptics almost instantly. Actor, comedian, and songwriter Jamie Foxx is the most recent skeptic who was converted into a Tesla believer.

A friend who owns a Model 3 Performance wanted Foxx to take a drive in the all-electric powerhouse to convince the funnyman to join the Tesla revolution. “As you can see, my boy has been trying to get me into a Tesla, so he’s going to let me ride his ride.”

Foxx was born in Texas, and he admits that he has always thought that loud, combustion engines were a trademark of being a Texan. “Just being from Texas, I always thought that the roar of an engine is what I needed,” Foxx jokes during a video he posted to his YouTube channel. “It just makes me feel macho.”

Now, Texas is transitioning to a different type of speed and power, and the electric vehicle is what could be considered the “strong and silent type,” because its performance is quiet, yet robust. Electric cars may not sound big and brawny like some of the classic muscle cars and large pickups that many people use for day to day travel, but the Model 3 Performance does its “talking” on the road where speed and instant acceleration tend to leave the competition in the dust.

The Model 3 Performance is powered by a 75 kWh lithium-ion battery and two all-electric motors that give the car a 2.9 second 0-60 MPH time. The vehicle has a 299-mile EPA-rated range and a top speed of 162 MPH.

Texas is known for having things that are bigger, hence the classic saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Even though Alaska is the country’s largest state, Texas has a reputation for making things big. In fact, Chevrolet made a “Texas Edition” for their Silverado, which boasts larger wheels, an elite sound system, and premium features.

However, the loud roar and impressive speed of a gas-powered car were not quite enough to keep Foxx from enjoying his time with the Model 3 Performance. The test drive allowed the actor famous for his roles in Django Unchained and Law Abiding Citizen to feel the speed and acceleration of the all-electric sedan. Foxx also had the opportunity to experience Tesla Autopilot.

Through the duration of the hilarious interview and test drive, Foxx did a series of impressions of both Dr. Phil and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and he also spoke highly of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

When asked if he had ever met Musk in person, Foxx stated that he saw the Tesla frontman in the distance at a dinner party. “He has a very distinct head. You could tell he was going to be something great because his head is built different,” he joked.

Overall, Foxx’s experience with the Model 3 Performance will be one he won’t soon forget. Whether he will end up buying Tesla’s most popular vehicle is unknown, but he didn’t miss out on the “macho” feeling that he is used to with his loud gas cars.

“I felt macho, I felt that I was in control, and at the same time, I felt sleek. I felt good, but as I watched all those cars with gas in them, I know they’ve got a problem. And Tesla is the TUMS of cars. You know why? It gets rid of gas! Holla at me, Elon!”

Watch Jamie Foxx’s full Model 3 Performance test drive below.

Tesla Model 3 wins over Jamie Foxx: “Holla at me, Elon!”
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