Tesla’s overall fleet in South Australia sees 10% growth in August 2022

(Credit: Tesla Greater China/Twitter)

New data reveals that Tesla’s overall fleet experienced a 10.7% growth in South Australia during August 2022, as the all-electric car maker continues to churn out deliveries down under. 

According to Carloop data, more South Australians are transitioning from ICE to electric vehicles, with Tesla making up a sizable chunk of the EV uptake. Tesla sold 102 vehicles in August 2022 up from July when the EV manufacturer only sold one. Tesla struggled with sales in Australia after Giga Shanghai shut down due to COVID-19 outbreaks in China. 

Tesla sold 180 vehicles in South Australia in Q1 2022. Due to Giga Shanghai’s production halt and subsequent slow down, Tesla only sold 10 cars in South Australia in Q2 2022. With August’s numbers, Tesla’s overall fleet had grown to 1,032 cars in the state.

In June, Tesla started taking Model Y orders in Australia, along with New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore. Model Y deliveries kicked off in Australia last month. The Model Y contributed significantly to Tesla’s 10.7% growth in South Australia. The Driven reports that Model Y deliveries accounted for 25.5% of the 102 EVs Tesla sold in August. 

As of this writing, the Tesla Model Y RWD’s drive away price is AUD$77,821 in South Australia. The Model Y Dual Motor AWD Performance’s drive away price is AUD$107,409. Tesla’s drive away price for its vehicles may vary depending on the territory in Australia. The drive away price includes fees for delivery, the order, luxury tax, local Stamp Duty, local registration costs, local CTP, and local plate fees. 

Tesla Model Y RWD and AWD Performance variants are sold out for the remainder of 2022. The RWD variant has an estimated delivery date between February and May 2023. The Performance variant’s estimated delivery dates are between April and June 2023. 

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Tesla’s overall fleet in South Australia sees 10% growth in August 2022
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