General Motors requires workers to report in-person for EV development

(Credit: General Motors)

General Motors updated CEO Mary Barra’s “Work Appropriately” policy, requiring workers to report in-person. 

Automotive News reported that General Motors now requires employees to physically work at its brick-and-mortar offices at least three days a week.

“Employees who transitioned to working remotely some or all of the time during the pandemic will pivot to a more regular in-person work cycle, and they will now be expected to work three days on-campus each week,” GM spokesperson Maria Raynal told Insider.

The requirement is a step away from GM CEO Mary’s Barra’s “Work Appropriately” mindset which rolled out in April—when the COVID-19 virus heavily affected work attendance. General Motors vaguely explained what “Work Appropriately” meant but clarified that it was more of a mindset rather than a formal office policy. 

“The future of work is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and our values and behaviors will guide us in this culture change,” stated GM CEO Mary Barra earlier this year. 

“Work appropriately means that where the work permits, employees will have the flexibility to work where they can have the greatest impact on achieving our goals. It is up to leaders to focus on the work, not the where, and we will provide the tools and resources needed to make the right decisions to support our teams,” Barra clarified.

New Work Policy for EV Development

General Motors’ new in-office work policy would take effect later this year. Raynal explained that GM rolled out the new policy to prepare for the 22 electric vehicles the automaker plans to launch next year. The GM spokesperson clarified that the policy would drive “collaboration, enterprise mindset, and impact.” 

General Motors is working hard to transition from an ICE-maker into an all-electric car automaker. Earlier this month, GM announced plans to upgrade and invest in its facilities to prepare for electric vehicle manufacturing. 

For example, General Motors plans to invest $491 million on two new press lines for its plant in Indiana. The investment includes upgrades to press and die lines. GM is also investing $760 million to covert its propulsion plant in Toledo, Ohio, into a facility that produces motors for electric vehicles

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General Motors requires workers to report in-person for EV development
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