Tesla offers free unlimited Supercharging transfer for select end-of-year deliveries

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model Y slated for end-of-year delivery enables customers to transfer their free unlimited Supercharging perk. The limited offer is available for Tesla North America purchases.

Tesla Model Y Purchases

Tesla sells three Model Y variants in North America: the base RWD, Dual-Motor AWD Long Range, and Dual-Motor AWD Performance. The base Model Y RWD variant starts at $43,990 before options, with an estimated delivery window between October and November 2023. 

The Dual-Motor AWD variants are slightly pricer than the RWD Model Y. The Long Range costs $48,490, while the Performance variant costs $52,490 before options. The Long Range and Performance variants have delivery estimates between October and November 2023. 

All Model Y vehicles qualify for the federal tax credit under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The Model Y will be eligible for the full $7,500 IRA tax credit until December 31, 2023. Model Y leases start at $399 per month in select states, excluding taxes and fees.

Tesla Model S and Model X Purchases

Tesla offers two Model S variants to customers. The Dual-Motor AWD Model S starts at $74,990 before options, while the Tri-Motor AWD Model S Plaid costs $89,990 before options. The delivery window for a Model S is October to November 2023. 

Tesla recently increased the price of the Tri-Motor AWD Model X Plaid. It now costs $94,990 before options, while the Dual-Motor AWD Model X starts at $79,990. Model X delivery estimates range from November to December 2023, a little later than the Model Y and Model S.

During the Q3 2023 earnings call, Tesla reaffirmed its guidance of 1.8 million deliveries this year. Tesla price cuts have reduced the company’s gross vehicle margins, concerning analysts

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Tesla offers free unlimited Supercharging transfer for select end-of-year deliveries
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