Tesla just made leasing a Model 3 or Y more affordable than ever

Credit: Tesla

Tesla just made leasing a Model 3 or Model Y more affordable than ever, offering rates as low as $329 a month for an all-electric vehicle.

Tesla’s leasing program gives people the opportunity to have an EV for a slightly smaller cost than owning the vehicle outright, and the terms are variable, just as any other automaker offers.

However, the company just slashed leasing prices for the Model 3 and Model Y, its two most popular vehicles, making it as affordable as ever to lease one of the cars with a 36-month term.

Tesla decreased lease payments by as much as $100 per month on some configurations.

The lease prices are as follows:

Tesla Model 3

  • Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive – $329/month, down from $419
  • Model 3 Long Range – $439/month, down from $509
  • Model 3 Performance – $529/month, down from $609

Tesla Model Y

  • Model Y Rear Wheel Drive – $399/month, down from $499
  • Model Y Long Range – $469/month, down from $549
  • Model Y Performance – $539/month, down from $629

These are the prices for the 36-month leasing term with 10,000 miles a year. These prices do not include potential savings from gas and maintenance.

Tesla just recently slashed prices on the Model 3 and Model Y earlier this month, and the move ended up helping EV prices across the sector. Tesla saw a 5.5 percent decrease in pricing from August to September and a 24.7 percent decrease in September 2023 compared to the same month in 2022.

Model 3 likely to lose full $7,500 EV Tax Credit

Tesla also stated on its website that it is expecting to lose the full $7,500 tax credit on the Model 3. The automaker expects the credit to be reduced to $3,750 on December 31 “pending federal guidance.”

The move to alert customers of this change could incentivize some to buy the vehicle before the end of the year. This would help Tesla’s delivery and production figures for Q4 and 2023 as a whole, as it missed in Q3 due to line upgrades at several factories.

Tesla is still expecting to deliver 1.8 million cars this year, as it reassured investors of this after the Q3 production and delivery figures were announced earlier this month.

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Tesla just made leasing a Model 3 or Y more affordable than ever
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