Tesla FSD Beta aces extreme stress test with tons of edge cases

(Credit: Whole Mars Catalog/Twitter)

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta has accomplished what could very well be one of its most impressive feats yet. During a nighttime drive, the advanced driver assist system handled edge case after edge case in an extreme stress test—and it came out victorious, taking on every challenge without requiring a manual intervention.

Tesla enthusiast and Model 3 owner @WholeMarsBlog recently shared a video of his Model 3 being put through an extreme stress test. During a nighttime drive, the Tesla owner took his Model 3 through a busy part of town, where FSD Beta encountered one edge case after another. Some of the edge cases even involved circumstances that would aggravate even human drivers. 

FSD Beta handled numerous challenges, from four-way intersections to numerous pedestrians to streets that had double-parked cars. In one part of the stress test, the advanced driver-assist system had to navigate narrow streets that had double-parked vehicles from both sides and oncoming traffic at the same time. With much finesse, the FSD Beta handled these edge cases pretty well, requiring no intervention from the Model 3 driver. 

What’s particularly interesting is that the FSD Beta software running in the Model 3 owner’s car is not even the latest 8.3 build that Elon Musk discussed on Twitter recently. If an earlier version of the FSD Beta is already able to handle extreme stress tests, then the potential of the advanced driver-assist system and its future iterations is indeed very bright. 

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta is in no way complete. Since its initial release to its first batch of testers in late October 2020, the FSD Beta has made some notable improvements, some of which resulted in incredible feats like a zero-intervention drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. 

Granted, the FSD Beta is still a Level 2 system that requires drivers to pay close attention to the road and be ready to intervene at any time at its current state. Considering its present performance, its upcoming updates, and the fact that the system is only getting started, however, it is starting to become evident that FSD Beta, an advanced driver-assist system, really has the potential to eventually evolve into an actual autonomous driving suite. 

Watch Tesla’s FSD Beta take on an extreme stress test with numerous edge cases in the video below. 

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Tesla FSD Beta aces extreme stress test with tons of edge cases
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