Tesla FSD Subscription and ‘Download Beta’ button coming soon

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk made two big announcements about the company’s Full Self-Driving suite. He shared that Tesla’s FSD download beta button could come out as early as next month or by June this year. Musk added that Tesla’s FSD subscription service will be released next month, saying that it was a “sure thing.”

“Tesla AI/Autopilot engineering is awesome! Making excellent progress solving real-world AI,” Elon Musk tweeted recently. He answered a few questions about Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite in the comment section, too.

Musk stated that major improvements were being made to the vision stack of FSD Beta every week. Last month, Tesla received a patent that could decrease FSD beta’s reliance on sensors, taking a step towards a truly image-based approach towards autonomy.

He was hopeful that FSD’s ‘Download Beta’ button would be available as early as next month. Musk noted that Tesla was trying to get the probability of injuries above the 99.9999999% of miles for city driving.

Replying to a separate tweet, Musk noted that releasing the FSD Download Beta button by May would be “aspirational,” explaining that it would depend on how well V9.0 performs. However, he seemed confident that the FSD beta’s wide-release, along with its download button, would be available no later than June.

As for FSD subscription, Musk seemed certain that Tesla would roll out the service next month. FSD subscription has been a hot topic for some time as it would allow Tesla owners to try out the company’s more autonomous software for a more reasonable price. The cost of Tesla’s FSD subscription service has not been announced, but the company may provide more information on the subject during its upcoming earnings call.

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Tesla FSD Subscription and ‘Download Beta’ button coming soon
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