Tesla debuts pedestrian animations in improved visualizations

Credit: YouTube | JuliansRandomProject

Recent observations from the Tesla community indicate that the company’s new 2020.16.2 update has started showing animated movements for pedestrians and cyclists. Footage of the new animations in action was shared by Tesla owner-enthusiast and YouTube host JuliansRandomProject, who showcased the updated driving visualizations in a recent video.

Pedestrians and cyclists have been visible on Tesla’s driving visuals for some time now. However, the avatars for people and cyclists only “slid” across the display with no fluid movements. This changed with the new update, with pedestrians and cyclists now being rendered on the dash screen with moving arms and legs.

JuliansRandomProject used a unique setup in his garage to test the accuracy of the new visualization features. While parked in his garage, a projector was utilized to display a video of pedestrians crossing a series of busy roads and intersections. This video proved to be a useful technique that activated the vehicle’s updated driving visualizations.

The updated visuals may seem like a minor update, but it does hint at some serious progress in the further development and training of Tesla’s neural networks, which are an invaluable part of the company’s efforts to release a feature-complete version of its Full Self-Driving suite.

Tesla drivers share data with the company’s neural networks with every mile that is driven. Real-world driving data is used to train the company’s neural networks, paving the way for improvements to the company’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features.

Ultimately, Tesla’s goal for Autopilot and FSD is to make cars safer than ever before, and one of the ways to accomplish this goal is to ensure that vehicles recognize the behavior of people in inner-city locations. Identifying these small details brings Tesla even closer to a successful release of the company’s Full Self-Driving functions.

CEO Elon Musk previously mentioned that the FSD suite is set to be complete this year. The rollout of a “feature complete” FSD system will solidify Tesla as a major player in the push toward autonomous driving technology.

Autopilot and Full Self-Driving capabilities have led to Tesla vehicles being among the safest in the world. The company recently released its safety statistics, which indicated that vehicles operating on Autopilot were involved in an accident once every 4.68 million miles. This figure is nearly ten times better than the national average, as the NHTSA suggests that a car crash occurs once every 479,000 miles.

Watch Software Update 2020.16.2 in action thanks to JuliansRandomProject below.

Tesla debuts pedestrian animations in improved visualizations
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