Tesla FSD fan-made ad shows how easy it is to promote a revolutionary product

Credit: @WhatsupFranks/X

Tesla is currently dipping its toes in advertising, and so far, the company’s marketing efforts have been mostly educational. While this is well within Tesla’s character, EV enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to post fan-made ads featuring the company’s products. Some of these, such as a recently posted FSD fan-made ad, are very compelling. 

The ad was created by Tesla owner and creator @WhatsupFranks, who is also behind some Tesla accessories. His recent ad was a short skit focused on Full Self-Driving, and it is as simple as it is effective. It does, if any, tease a future where autonomous driving systems like FSD are the norm. 

The short ad featured two women who were coming out of what appeared to be a cafe. When one asked the other if she needed a ride, the woman responded by stating that her “love” was picking her up. The ad revealed that the “love” the woman was talking about was actually her Tesla Model S, which was driving on its own using FSD. 

The woman then proceeded to sit in the passenger seat before telling the Model S to take her home. The vehicle, which was running xAI’s Grok, acknowledged the request and drove away. 

Such a simple ad highlights several key advantages of FSD, one of which is its sheer convenience. While driving a car is an activity enjoyed by many, one cannot deny the fact that an autonomous vehicle would be very convenient in some circumstances. With full self-driving cars, even people who should not drive vehicles, such as those who have taken alcohol, or those who are unable to see well, could get to their destinations safely.

Tesla’s brand is so strong that its supporters proactively provide the company with compelling content. Considering the talent of some Tesla community members, it might be a good idea for the electric vehicle maker to start tapping the EV community for its advertising strategies, similar to the successful Project Loveday initiative from years back. 

Perhaps it’s high time for Project Loveday 2.0?

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Tesla FSD fan-made ad shows how easy it is to promote a revolutionary product
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