Xpeng CEO takes ride in Tesla FSD V12.3.6, looks to experience FSD V12.4

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Xpeng CEO and Chairman He Xiaopeng is currently in the United States, and he is seeking to experience the best that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) system has to offer. As per the executive in a post on Weibo, he recently experienced FSD (Supervised) V12.3.6, and now wants to experience FSD V12.4 as well. 

As per Xiaopeng, he has been in the United States for some time now, and he is taking this opportunity to experience self-driving systems such as those developed by Tesla and Waymo. He also noted that he is experiencing the capabilities of FSD and Waymo so he can compare them with Xpeng’s own advanced driver-assist system. 

“I’m in the US for a long time this time, so I’ll take this opportunity to review the latest versions of FSD and Waymo. I have Tesla FSD V12.3.6 here, and if you have the beta version of 12.4.1, you can lend it to me. Thank you for the comparison between FSD and XNGP. If you want to know more about what aspects, you can tell me,” Xiaopeng wrote in his post on Weibo. 

The executive shared what appeared to be an image from the Tesla that he was riding on. As could be seen in the image, the vehicle was a blue previous generation Tesla Model 3 sedan that was running software 2024.14.9. The Model 3 was also loaded with FSD (Supervised) v12.3.6. Xiaopeng’s post indicated that he experienced FSD (Supervised) V12.3.6 in San Francisco. 

Xpeng may be a direct competitor of Tesla, but Xiaopeng has shared some positive insights about the American electric vehicle maker’s FSD program in the past. Following Elon Musk’s unannounced visit to China in late April, the Xpeng CEO personally welcomed Tesla’s FSD to China. In his post, Xiaopeng noted that the arrival of FSD in China should be appreciated. 

“Today, many friends asked me what I think about FSD entering China. I especially welcome Tesla FSD to enter China… Tesla has very good self-driving technology and brand. Only when more good products and technologies enter can the entire market and customers have more good experiences, and the market develops and accelerates in a more healthy direction,” Xiaopeng noted. 

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Xpeng CEO takes ride in Tesla FSD V12.3.6, looks to experience FSD V12.4
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