Tesla FSD V12.4.2 is moving to internal testing: Elon Musk

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently provided a quick update about the rollout of Full Self Driving (FSD) V12.4.2 to consumers. As per Musk, the highly-anticipated FSD update is moving to internal testing this week. 

Elon Musk has been pretty open about the idea of FSD being the difference maker for Tesla’s future. For Tesla to reach the heights that Musk envisions, FSD must work, and true autonomous driving must be achieved. It is then no surprise that Tesla is allotting a significant amount of its resources to FSD development. 

While updates to FSD have been pretty quick, veteran testers of the advanced driver-assist system have been very excited about V12.4, thanks in part to Musk’s comments about the update. Previous reports indicated that FSD V12.4 was rolling out to employees in late May, but the update did not get distributed to the larger fleet of FSD (Supervised) users. The same was true for FSD V12.4.1, which was reportedly rolled out to employees in early June

Based on Elon Musk’s recent posts on X, it would appear that Tesla would instead be focusing on releasing FSD V12.4.2 to consumers. In a response to a longtime FSD tester who asked about the wide release of V12.4, Musk noted that the build is moving to internal testing. Musk also noted that “12.4.2 is much smoother. Challenge is keeping safety high while increasing ride comfort.” He also stated that the “build moves to internal testing tomorrow.”

In a later comment to another post from the longtime FSD user, who asked if a wide release for V12.4.2 is possible over the weekend, Musk noted that Tesla just needs to make sure that there are no regressions in the advanced driver-assist system’s safety. “We just need to confirm there are no safety regressions,” Musk wrote in a post on X. 

Tesla FSD V12.4 is quite substantial for users of the advanced driver assist system partly because its driver monitoring system has been updated to rely primarily on data from the cabin camera to determine driver attentiveness. Previous versions of FSD utilized steering wheel nags, which are quite effective but deemed annoying by longtime FSD users. 

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Tesla FSD V12.4.2 is moving to internal testing: Elon Musk
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