Tesla Sweden sues against Transport Agency

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Sweden is suing the Swedish Transport Agency for failing to provide the automaker with license plates, reported local media.

“This seizure of license plates constitutes a discriminatory attack without any support in law directed at Tesla,” claimed that Texas-based automaker in its lawsuit. 

The lawsuit stems from Tesla Sweden’s battle with Swedish union IF Metall, which has organized a strike against the automotive company. IF Metall has gathered support from many other trade unions during its strike, including PostNord—the Swedish Transport Agency’s postal provider. Last week, the union pulled out a trump card when PostNord refused to deliver the license plates for new Tesla vehicles. 

PostNord joined IF Metall’s strike against Tesla when Seko promised to sort delivering packages to the automaker’s workshops and office. Seko’s support of IF Metall’s battle against Tesla has played a crucial role in the strike. Tesla’s workshops and service centers have found it challenging to repair vehicles when parts are not being delivered. 

IF Metall refuses to end the strike and blockade on Tesla until it signs a collective agreement detailing employment terms for the company’s workers. Tesla Sweden has direct orders from Elon Musk not to sign any collective agreements, putting it in a difficult position. At the same time, less than 10% of Tesla Sweden’s employees joined IF Metall’s strike. 

Tesla workers in Sweden who have decided to stick with the company have claimed to receive better compensation and agreements at Tesla compared to previous employers—without a collective agreement. IF Metall started offering Tesla Sweden payments to join its strike against their employer earlier this month.

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Tesla Sweden sues against Transport Agency
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