Tesla’s giant battery cell plant in Germany can be expanded to 250 GWh/year

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During the European Battery Conference organized by the Federal Ministry of Economics, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned a key detail about the electric car maker’s plans for its local battery cell production plans. According to Musk, Tesla’s battery cell facility in Germany would be capable of producing 100 GWh worth of cells per year, and that’s not even its full potential. 

While a 100 GWh battery cell plant is already impressive, the Tesla CEO stated that production in the Brandenburg site could even be expanded to 200 to 250 GWh per year, as per a Welt report. That’s far above the capacity of Gigafactory Nevada, a facility that is dedicated only to producing battery cells and powertrains for the Model 3 and Model Y. And considering that the facility will likely be producing Tesla’s custom tabless 4680 cells, the Germany-based battery plant will most definitely be formidable. 

Apart from discussing Tesla’s battery production plans in Germany, the CEO also provided some insights on the electric car maker’s plans for a more affordable electric car designed for the European region. Musk noted that a vehicle that is adapted for the region’s conditions is needed, especially considering that some of Tesla’s EVs today, such as the Model X, are too big for some of Europe’s roads. 

“There are talented designers and engineers in Europe and the best people want to work there, just like they can implement their own ideas, they don’t just want to copy something that was designed in California. You also need a model that is adapted to the conditions in Europe. I was recently with a Model X in Berlin and we had a lot of problems finding a parking space that the car fits in,” he said. 

An affordable, compact Tesla will likely be produced in massive numbers, resulting in a great demand for batteries. With this in mind, Tesla’s battery cell plant in Brandenburg could end up as an ace for the electric car maker. Musk, for his part, also highlighted that citizens in Brandenburg should not worry about the environmental impacts of Tesla’s battery plant. 

“You can live right next to the battery factory and not have to worry about toxic substances,” he said, adding that the pilot line of Tesla’ battery cell line is operating in the San Francisco region, an area with very strict environmental regulations. Musk further remarked that Tesla is developing new methods for battery cell production that would lead to environmentally harmful steps being eliminated. 

Tesla’s giant battery cell plant in Germany can be expanded to 250 GWh/year
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