Tesla Giga Berlin Model Y production appears to have quietly reached 6k per week

Credit: Bob Foulkes/LinkedIn

Recent comments from Tesla Giga Berlin employees have hinted that the facility has achieved a production rate of 6,000 Model Y crossovers in one week.

Tesla recently posted a video of Giga Berlin’s employees describing the work culture in the plant. As per the Giga Berlin workers in the video, Tesla is a company where the motivated could grow and reach heights. Tesla Quality Engineer Lars Lengacker highlighted these sentiments in a post on LinkedIn. He also showed a video of his Quicksilver Model Y with some commemorative shirts. 

As can be seen in the Tesla employee’s video, the majority of the shirts in the Model Y commemorated some of the facility’s production milestones, as hinted at in shirts printed with “1k,” “2k,” “3k,” and so on. Interestingly enough, one of the shirts has “6K” printed on it, hinting that the facility had reached a production milestone of 6,000 Model Y per week. 

This milestone was seemingly confirmed in a related LinkedIn post from Tesla Director of Quality Bob Foulkes, who noted that the shirts in Lengacker’s Model Y were indeed “trophies” of the Tesla Giga Berlin team’s achievements — all the way to 6,000 vehicles per week. Foulkes also shared his excitement for 2024, as Giga Berlin is just getting started. 

“Your post is something that we all feel at Giga, something that pulses through us, a pride in what we’ve achieved. The hood of your new beautiful Quicksilver Model Y scattered with trophies of our achievements – 1K all the way to 6K and beyond. 

“I believe this feeling comes from the blood, sweat, and tears of getting to where we are. We all chose the opposite of easy. We chose to fight, to pioneer, to build to go our own way and create. This choice has led us into the history books, not only is Model Y the best selling car on the planet, it’s the first time in History that an Electric Vehicle outsold the others – this belongs to you team.

“For those that have never worked in a mission driven teams, it is the highest form of recognition, we are living our dreams. To my Quality team, thank you for your drive and dedication to deliver over 200 000 cars from Giga Berlin. Your work has sent ripples of change through the world, and I’m hugely proud of you. Looking forward, 2024 has many challenges and successes in store for us and those who will join our mission. Our journey is only just beginning,” Foulkes wrote.

Interestingly enough, Giga Berlin’s Model Y production is currently paused due to supply chain issues arising from the conflicts in the Red Sea. As per previous reports, Giga Berlin’s Model Y production would be halted from January 29 to February 11, 2024. “The armed conflicts in the Red Sea and the associated shifts in transport routes between Europe and Asia via the Cape of Good Hope are also having an impact on production in Gruenheide. The considerably longer transportation times are creating a gap in supply chains,” Tesla noted in a statement.

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Tesla Giga Berlin Model Y production appears to have quietly reached 6k per week
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