Tesla re-launches lifetime Supercharging transfers for a limited time

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Updated 2/4/24: Second paragraph edited to reflect that the Model 3 is now also eligible for lifetime Supercharging transfers until March 31, in addition to the Model S, X and Y. Fifth paragraph edited to reflect that Tesla has re-launched FSD beta transfers for a limited time.

Tesla has once again made transfers available for its free lifetime Supercharging offer, as long as owners with the incentive take delivery of a new vehicle within the next couple of months.

Those with unlimited lifetime Supercharging can now transfer the perk to a new Model S, 3, X, or Y when taking delivery by March 31, 2024, as spotted by Sawyer Merritt on Saturday morning. Early owners of the Model S and X were offered the perk for their vehicles’ lifetimes, though transfers to new vehicles have been offered on and off over the years.

Most recently, Tesla enabled the ability to transfer the unlimited lifetime Supercharging perk last year, though it was only available to those who took delivery of their Model S, X or Y vehicles by December 31, before the automaker re-launched the promotion with the updated 2024 timeline.

The ability to transfer lifetime Supercharging encourages owners to purchase new vehicles since it would let them apply the use of Superchargers for free to a new Tesla rather than needing to continue driving their old models to access the benefit. The charging benefit doesn’t apply when owners use home charging, during which they would be billed at their electricity provider’s regular rate.

Tesla also opened up the ability to perform a one-time vehicle transfer of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software last year, offering the perk to those who took delivery before September 30. The FSD beta transfer option had only been offered once before, and now Tesla has re-launched the program for those who take delivery by March 31.

In 2017, Tesla placed its first caps on the free lifetime Supercharging offer, noting that it could only be used for up to 400 kWh of Supercharger use per year.

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Tesla re-launches lifetime Supercharging transfers for a limited time
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