Tesla Giga Berlin protesters aim to build more treehouses

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Tesla Giga Berlin’s treehouse protesters are looking to extend their stay in the forest surrounding the Model Y production facility. The group’s intentions were shared by a spokesperson earlier this week. 

The “Stop Tesla” initiative is among the groups looking to disrupt Giga Berlin’s operations. So far, the group has opted to build treehouses in the monoculture forest near Giga Berlin as part of their efforts against the EV maker’s expansion plans. It should be noted that the “Stop Tesla” initiative has argued that they were not involved in the “Vulcan Group’s” alleged arson attack on an electricity pylon, which halted Giga Berlin’s Model Y production

In a comment to German media, a spokesperson for the “Stop Tesla” initiative noted that they intend to stay in the forest for a long time. “Even if new requirements make it impossible for us to protest, we will stand in Tesla’s way beyond May 20th and stay here,” the spokesperson noted.

The “Stop Tesla” spokesperson also noted that the group is planning to build more treehouses. So far, about 80 activists have occupied part of a forest near Giga Berlin, as noted in a BZ report. The initial batch of treehouses was reportedly built by the activists around the end of February 2024. “We are in exactly the right place to prevent the interests of the Tesla Group from being pushed through like that,” the spokesperson stated. 

Fortunately for the “Stop Tesla” initiative, the administrative court allowed the camp to stay in the forest for the time being. This was against the demands of the police, which has stated that the treehouses must be dismantled due to potential safety concerns. The administrative court noted that the “general considerations put forward by the police headquarters to justify the requirements regarding the incompatibility of the protest camp, including the tree houses, with nature conservation and building regulations for the danger forecast required under assembly law” were not sufficient. 

The Brandenburg police have responded by filing a complaint against the administrative court’s decision before the Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court. As noted in a BZ report, the Ministry of the Environment, the Building Authority, and the Forestry Authority would likely be required to discuss the camp’s potential dangers in detail. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin protesters aim to build more treehouses
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