Tesla has begun offering new Gigafactory Berlin hires more pay: report

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Just recently, Germany’s largest union, IG Metall, claimed that Tesla is seeing challenges in Gigafactory Berlin’s hiring efforts because the electric vehicle maker offers lower pay than its rivals in the area. 

According to IG Metall regional chief Birgit Dietze, Tesla’s alleged lower pay at Giga Berlin is already slowing down the company’s hiring efforts, at least based on the union’s analysis.  

Dietze noted that there is actually a lot of interest among job seekers when it comes to a potential employment at Tesla. However, some of the job seekers reportedly end up just staying with their current employers because they are receiving higher pay. 

New comments from the IG Metall regional chief to Reuters suggest that Tesla may be looking to address its alleged pay issue. In a statement, Dietze noted that in order to attract more talent, Tesla has started offering new hires more pay. 

This, however, threatens to “damage industrial peace,” according to the union official, who noted that IG Metall had already received complaints about the matter. 

IG Metall further warned that while the pay gap between Tesla and its competitors in Germany is almost about 20% for now, this gap would likely increase even more as the union engages in upcoming collective bargaining talks. 

Teslarati has reached out to Tesla and will update this article if a response is provided. 

Despite the recent statements from IG Metall, Tesla Gigafactory Berlin is making some serious progress with its vehicle production ramp. Despite stating back in March that it had just over 3,000 employees, the company has nonetheless achieved a notable milestone recently by producing its 1,000th Made-in-Germany Tesla Model Y. 

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Tesla has begun offering new Gigafactory Berlin hires more pay: report
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